Guam - At Adelup today, Governor Eddie Calvo signed the following bills into law:


Bill 107: B.T. McCreadie / D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.R. Muña Barnes / M.F.Q. San Nicolas / V.A. Ada / M. Limitiaco: An act to add a new Section to Chapter 80, Title 9, Guam Code Annotated, relative to creating a "Three Strikes" provision for habitual offenders of serious crimes.  



Bill 48:  R.J. Respicio / T.C. Ada / B.J.F. Cruz: An act to define the educational and professional requirements for a licensed professional counselor


Bill 97: D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.R. Muña Barnes: An act to appropriate available funds from the Guam/Territorial Highway Fund to designate and prioritize certain capital improvement projects, purchase heavy equipment needed by the Department of Public Works for flood mitigation and fund the Department of Revenue and Taxation's Transaction Processing System.


Bill 117: T.R. Muña Barnes / J.T. Won Pat, Ed.D. / B.T. McCreadie: An act to amend §§ 3705 and 3707 of Article 7, Chapter 3, Title 16 GCA, relative to expanding the duties of the Guam Police Department Community Assisted Policing Effort (CAPE) volunteers to include enforcement of the Handbilling Act, and for other purposes.  


Bill 119: V.A. Ada / C.M. Dueñas:  An add a new Article 2 to Chapter 37 of 9GCA relative to home invasion.


Bill 120: F.B. Aguon, Jr. / R.J. Respicio / T.C. Ada: An act relative to honoring Guam's men and women who have courageously and selflessly served our island people and our nation in the war on terror and who have made the ultimate sacrifice, through the establishment of a Fallen HeroesMonument; through adding a new subsection §79601.2 to Chapter 79, Article 6, Title 21, Guam Code Annotated.  

Governor Calvo meanwhile has not yet taken action on controversial Bill 20, but did release a report on what the legislation does and does not do.