Guam - Federal receiver Gershman, Brickner & Bratton has submitted a special report to the District Court of Guam, giving time frames for the procurement process for the closure of the Ordot Dump, which is expected to occur in late 2015.  The receiver is looking to begin two procurements in July for the closure of the Ordot Dump itself and the second for construction management services in connection with the closure project. 

There has been a request to the court to delay those procurements but receiver representative David Manning maintains that the government and the people of Guam are not negatively affected by their release. Concerns have been raised that the unknown cost of the closure of the Ordot Dump will result in the people of Guam bearing significant debt and getting a landfill that will be bankrupt by the time it is transitioned to the Solid Waste Authority board.

Manning says the division now operates more efficiently and has more than $11.2 million in operating cash in the bank. 

He adds the people of Guam are being misled.