GUAM - Guam Power Authority's procurement process is underway as the clock is ticking for GPA to secure a new fuel services contract. 
"Price proposals have been turned in and that was done Monday. We have an internal review committee that is evaluating to see which is the best bid for us to award and they should have that process done by the end of this week" GPA spokesperson Art Perez explained.
Three companies submitted their proposals thus, meeting the deadline set last Monday -- Vitol Asia, Hyundai Corporation and Petrobras Singapore are vying to provide the fuel needed to run our island's generators. 
"When we select a fuel contract vendor that recommendation will be forwarded to the CCU at which they will ratify through resolution and then that recommendation will be forwarded to the PUC for final approval" Perez explained.
The current fuel contract was extended after a protest was filed to the original RFP. According to Perez however, the original protest was resolved. We should add however, a protest was filed to the extension that was granted, that remains in protest at the Office of Public Accountability.
"It was PUC approved for extension when the fuel oil contract was first protested so they allowed us to extend with Petrobas" Perez admitted.
Last month GPA resumed the procurement process. Perez says it is GPA's aim to secure a new fuel oil contract before August.
"It allowed us to go into a two phase process which we are engaged in right now and we will have a recommendation for the CCU to review and ratify next week by the end of this week Friday" the spokesperson revealed.
As GPA is deliberating on the contract which would best suit our island's needs, they are also exploring alternative means of renewable energy sources with its latest wind turbine program to be piloted in the catol area on Cross Island road --all in an effort to afford rate payers with savings.