GUAM - While a trial is set for two weeks in the Nimitz Hill home invasion case, Raymond Tedtaotao and Anthony Mendiola are still trying to get defense attorneys.  Tedtaotao was appointed attorney Mark Smith but because he is unavailable, the court appointed Sam Teker to represent him. Attorney William Pole was assigned to represent Mendiola. The court will hold another hearing on Friday to ensure the two attorneys don't have conflicts. Cenzon also wants to address several motions including co-defendant, Kyle Cruz's motion to sever.

"The other motion is Mr. Cruz's motion for release on third party custodian. The government's motion for discovery for Mr. Tedtaotao again for the buccol swab" Cenzon informed.
The government meanwhile has also filed a motion for a continuance of the trial citing good cause because the victim, who was tied up and beaten until she was unconscious, is still undergoing treatment. The court will hold another hearing on Friday at ten in the morning.