GUAM - He's played a major role in Hawaii's success with renewable energy and he's hoping to help Guam too. As he addressed rotarians this afternoon, Ron Richmond, a specialist in the solar hot water and photovoltaic industry reports Hawaii, like Guam, is 93-percent dependent on imported oil.
"It's very similar to Hawaii -- there are some differences, especially in the ownership. In Hawaii primary utilities are investor owned utilities. While Guam is a government owned entity.. and so a little bit different in financial structure but essentially the situations are the same" Richmond stated.
Hawaii's goal is to produce 15% of its electricity with renewable energy by 2015 and Richmond says they're well on their way at 12% today. Richmond met with Guam Power Authority officials this morning and is slated to meet with the governor's office and members of the legislature Wednesday. He adds a recent Hawaiian study showed renewable energy strengthens the economy as every dollar Hawaii invested in solar incentive, return was over a dollar.