Guam - Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. has introduced legislation that would mandate that all servers and sellers of alcoholic beverages in Guam complete a 3-4 hour class that covers local rules and regulation in Guam statute. The course would also emphasize responsibilities that come with serving drinks from behind the bar, at tables, or ringing up sales at a cash register. This includes rules governing sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages at both on-premise and off-premise ABC licensed businesses. . The course must be completed before licensure is issued.   "When properly trained, point of sale employees, whether serving at a bar or restaurant, or selling at a convenience store or supermarket, are in a position to have substantial impact on issues such as drunk driving, underage drinking, and public intoxication," Senator Rodriguez stated. "Servers and sellers are the first line of defense in protecting our community against alcohol related crimes and social problems, yet they are not supported with any formal, standardized training to help them fulfill their duties," he added.

Co-sponsors of Bill No. 118-32 (COR) also known as the Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act,  include Vice Speaker BJ Cruz, Senator Tony Ada, Senator Michael San Nicolas, Speaker Judi Won Pat, Senator Rory Respicio, Senator Brant McCreadie, Senator Tommy Morrison and Senator Tina Muna-Barnes.