Guam - Starting today Guam students have the chance to win free Internet plus WiFi up to 50 megabits per second for their school through a GTA Facebook contest. GTA's managing director of marketing Cora Bejado says the top three voted schools will win the free Internet for up to a year as well as up to $10,000 in construction costs should a school site need upgrades to cater to the wiring.

"All they have to do is upload a picture of their school tell us why they feel that high speed Internet is important to them tell us what they would do with that Internet when they get it and then get their friends and family to vote," she said.

The top six individuals with the most votes will also win iPad Minis.

Speaker Judi Won pat commends the contest as it aligns with the Department of Education's efforts to purchase new laptops, smartboards, and other technology for the classrooms through ARRA funding.

All public and private schools are encouraged to participate. The winning schools will be announced via Facebook June 3.