Guam - Former Guam resident Neil Weare is in Guam this week to launch a new organization, We the People Project, that is dedicated to achieving equal rights and representation for the 4.7 million Americans who live in U.S. territories and the District of Columbia.  As President and Founder of We the People Project, he is lead counsel in a groundbreaking case, Tuaua v. United States, that addresses the constitutional rights of people born in U.S. territories. Tomorrow Weare will be the keynote speaker at a public forum hosted by the University of Guam called "Realizing the Dream: Equal Rights and Representation Wherever You Live."  His talk will address the need for a new civil rights movement centered on achieving equal rights for the residents of U.S. territories and DC. The event will be held at 5:00pm in the University of Guam CLASS Lecture Hall.