Guam - The Calvo Administration will officially release the last set of unclaimed tax refund names on Friday. Among them are two familiar names - Jeffrey and Rea Paeste.  Governor's communications director Troy Torres says it hasn't been confirmed that the two names are the same individuals who filed a class action lawsuit against the government are the same people who are have unclaimed tax refunds.

"So we forwarded the discovery over to the attorneys to take a look at out to see if there's anything there because obviously if those are the same people, then the government did at least attempt to pay their tax refunds and for some reason it went unclaimed" said Torres. He added that the Administration is wondering whether attorneys should have picked up on this when the case first started.

The Paeste's attorney, Ignacio Aguigui, says he isn't surprised that his clients have unclaimed refunds but says the government knows how to get the refunds to the Paestes.  Ignacio adds that the unclaimed checks don't have an impact on the case since the court has already imposed the injunction on the government.  He says the lawsuit was not for each individual's tax refunds but about the systematic problem of the government of failing to timely issue out refunds. 

The Administration meanwhile has caught up paying past due tax refunds and is ahead of schedule in paying out 2012 tax refunds that are due to be paid by October.