Guam - Reacting to the State of the Judiciary was former chief justice Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz who says he was pleased Carbullido acknowledged all who were involved with helping make the courts a unified judiciary. "I was very happy with it because we really have come a long way in 13 years. Thirteen years ago I gave the state of the judiciary at the class lecture hall at the university because I wasn't welcomed here at the legislature as the chief justice and now we have all these state of the judiciaries are here, the judiciary is now unified and moving forward and I'm very proud of the process they've made," he said.

Governor Eddie Calvo meanwhile says he found the chief justice's address as uplifting. "And I think that's an important statement for all us that there may be disagreements in policy but we all want to do the right thing, there may be some disagreements on how to get to these certain types achievements and accomplishments and objectives for our island but we should do it in a way that's respectful and do it in a way that builds rather than tears apart," he said.