Guam - The Civil Service Commission is meeting this evening to continue hearing the appeal of former marketing manager Bernadette Stern Meno. The commission is expected to hear the testimony of former general manager Mary Torres, who was to testify in support of Meno's argument that she was not properly served her notice of adverse action.

But Meno's attorney, Curtis Van De Veld, has asked for a continuance of tonight's hearing.  Van De Veld wants the Commission to order Port management to produce all tape recordings and transcripts of a December 5, 2012 executive session as he contends they are important evidence to show that management was well aware of the 60 day window it had to serve adverse action.  Meno contends action was taken in excess of the time allotted and she argues that the Port's December 5 meeting was held in violation of the Open Government Act, as it was not properly noticed. 

Van De Veld claims management is trying to deceive the Commission and asked for the continuance to first resolve the violations of the open government law. According to the motion, Meno intends to file a petition with the Superior Court regarding the alleged violation.