Guam - Recent events involving acts of violence against women and the bravery of Monique Baza speaking out has created an uproar. Creating awareness, helping and giving victims a voice in the fight against violence is the mission of the Random Women's Rally (RAWR).

RAWR addressed the Northern Rotary Club this afternoon. The statistics laid out by member Carina Ferejang are startling, saying, "Seven out of ten women were victims of sexual assault rape were taken advantage of and also molested...every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted in the us and I could only imagine the number on Guam."

RAWR was put together by random women who wanted to do their part in making the community safe, being proactive the non-profit organization stands at the forefront of change. "We are against all forms of violence and we will not put up with it no longer we understand that there is help when something happens to a victim but how about preventative measures?" said Fejerang.

Ferejan says the first step is educating the community about how to prevent violence. Helping women like Baza  heal, her bravery to come forward about what happened to her prompted a reaction from the community that RAWR has been trying to achieve for some time now. It is stories like Monique's that give victims a voice. "What Monique did is she gave these individuals a voice now they are coming forward today I come to you take your part in the community by stepping up and taking the stance against violence," she said.

It takes one person to speak but it takes many to make a change, as she said, "Be proactive on May 10 at 4:30 RAWR encourages all island residents to stop what you are doing walk out to a main road and take part in the great walk out to show your support in the fight against violence."