Guam - The Port authority's general manager spoke before the Guam Chamber of Commerce this afternoon providing updates on the agency's modernization program now known as the Guam Commercial Port Improvement Program. Joanne Brown says while the port had to address downsizing with the Port's modernization due to the reset in the military buildup, upgrades were still needed in order to keep the port viable.

She said, "We're already looking shortly at the actual renovation to the CFS building and we've sent out the announcement and hopefully we can get good contractors to respond so we can address demolition later this year on warehouse two which is a significantly sized facility, it's over 100,000 square feet, so that's going to be quite an undertaking."

Brown adds a groundbreaking was held in January for the CFS building, which she says will be one of the more visible projects that will change in terms of the Port's footprint. Other ongoing projects at the Port include the yard expansion, the Mobile Container/Vehicle Screening System And the Security Operation Center.