Guam - By May 1, a request for proposal for the government's health insurance contract should be completed. Department of Administration director Benita Manglona says the health insurance negotiating team is meeting aggressively to ensure the RFP is completed for prospective carriers interested in doing business with the Government of Guam.

"That's our timeline," Manglona explained, "so that's why we need to meet this week to finalize it. We already have a working draft and we're working with our consultant we have to ensure that whatever is required in the Affordable Care Act needs to be in place."

Manglona adds the new law requires the team to negotiate with the top three carriers and negotiate three exclusive and non-exclusive contracts followed by a final recommendation to Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio as Governor Eddie Calvo recused himself from this matter. She hopes negotiations will be completed by July.

Voting members of the negotiating team include the a member from DOA, the Judiciary, DISID, Bureau of Budget and Management Research, the Government of Guam Retirement Fund, the Department of Education and the Guam Legislature.