Guam - Members from the U.S. Government Accountability Office are on island this week meeting with the administration, several government agencies and officials from the military. Buildup Office director Mark Calvo says while a visit from the GAO this week was part of a congressional mandate set forth in the National Defense Authorization Act, its main goal is to validate the Guam buildup infrastructure requirements and get updates on infrastructure projects "outside the fence."

He said, "The importance is they validate to the senate in so many ways who should fund unfinanced requirements or financed requirements as they are related to this buildup, so it's very important that we give them as anything accurate data and data that we all agree can be supported by the federal government in funding and our local efforts in funding."

The four member team consists of an assistant director and three senior analysts who met with Governor Eddie Calvo and members of the fiscal policy team today. "And it's another positive step that everybody's checking that we're moving along down this road not unilaterally but in a combined effort," he said.

Other groups set to be interviewed include members of the Guam Legislature along with GPA, GWA, OPA, Guam EPA, GUAM DOE, Public Works, Public Health and the Port Authority of Guam. Some of the questions include challenges affecting GovGuam's ability to plan for the buildup and whether GovGuam can fund improvements in our infrastructure with or without the buildup. "Our ability to be self funding without a buildup is challenged already by federal mandates that are unfunded generally the message that the GAO should take away from here is federal funding and assistance is still greatly needed with or without a buildup here," he said.

The GAO will be on island until April 25 where they will also meet with the Department of Defense.