Guam - Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks believes two factory inspection trips for two Guam Fire Department employees was "unreasonably extravagant, unnecessary and difficult to justify as valid contract terms". The Office of Public Accountability issued a decision today sustaining an appeal filed by Morrico Equipment. 

Morrico protested the General Services Agency's denial of their protest concerning a multi-step bid for fire equipment.  In her decision the public auditor found that GSA violated Guam law and procurement rules and regulations.  Brooks found that GSA included two costly and unnecessary inspection trips for two Guam Fire Department employees in the invitation for bid specifications.  The contractor would have been required to pay for the airfare, transportation, meals and lodging for two GFD employees. 

She notes that the contractor was already required to maintain a web site where GFD could view the digital images of the fire trucks that were being manufactured and see the progress weekly.  The OPA determined the IFB's specifications included invalid contract terms and restricted competition. 

Brooks also determined that GSA did not properly follow the multi-step sealed bidding process and the invitation for bid must be amended within the next 30 days to comply with Guam procurement laws and regulations.