Guam - A Port Police officer who was fired two weeks ago has filed an appeal with the Civil Service Commission.  Eddie Castro is appealing his termination. The final adverse action accuses Castro of failing to perform prescribed duties and responsibilities, falsifying records, insubordination and unauthorized absence.  In February Castro is accused of using the port police official vehicle for non-official business. 

Documents accuse Castro of telling a co-worker to make up an excuse of why the vehicle was spotted near the naval magazine area of Santa Rita, outside of the port police's jurisdiction.

It's also alleged that Castro falsified his activities back in February by indicating that he had relieved another Port Police officer.  The adverse action alleges that Castro indicated that he was on duty from 5 to 11pm, but instead he didn't report for duty until 9:15 and secured 15 minutes later.  Castro was reminded that as a peace officer and a supervisor, he was expected to put forth honest effort in the performance of his duties and is held to the highest standards, setting an example to others in obeying the law. 

Castro is appealing and believes management's basis for terminating him is not supported by any facts.