Guam - Chances are you won't be attacked or even spot a shark within the reef. As a result of the dead body discovered over the weekend, University of Guam's associate professor and ichthyologist Dr. Terry Donaldson says residents don't need to be alarmed as sharks who attack are large and are only found in deeper waters.

He told KUAM News, "As a rule if you're swimming in Tumon if you're in Hagatna Bay, you're swimming wherever and you're on the reef flat you're not likely to have any trouble. If you're over the reef you just have to be respectful of the environment you're in but chances are you're not going to see anything." 

Earlier this week two fishermen discovered the torso of Korean tourist Nae Deok Kim. An autopsy confirmed Kim drowned after a shark bit him. Donaldson speculates a large bodied shark like a tiger shark, a white tip oceanic shark or even a hammerhead shark outside the reef could be the culprit to the recent attack.