Guam - Police Officers David Manila and Anthony Quenga and former Blue House Lounge owner Song Ja Cha appeared in the Superior Court of Guam for a further proceedings hearing. Judge Anita Sukola had previously ordered the parties to submit financial documentation to show that they qualify for court appointed counsel.

Because his attorney was disqualified during the last hearing, the judge exerted her authority and appointed Terrance Timblin to represent Manila.  Another further proceedings hearing is scheduled for April 29.

In the meantime, the Attorney General's Office has filed a motion to dismiss an appeal filed by Cha to the Guam Supreme Court.  Cha argues the court had no authority to accept the indictment return because a notice of appeal had already been filed.  The AG's Office has argued the appeal should be dismissed due to procedural issues.  Cha, Manila and Quenga are accused of promoting prostitution at the Blue House brothel. 

In the meantime, today was Assistant Attorney General Nelson Werner's last day on the job. Assistant AG Jonathan Quan has been assigned to the case.