Guam - The Emergency Operations Center is up and running. Representatives from the Government of Guam, the military and the private sector are working side by side to ensure Guam is prepared and ready to respond to an emergency - in this case a potential  attack from North Korea.

Governor Eddie Calvo said, "It's important to set up a local EOC and get all the local agencies and the local populace ready for any eventuality." Although the Department of Defense is confident that Guam - the western most territory of the United States is under their umbrella of protection, Governor Calvo is making every effort to ensure island residents are prepared. He has placed Guam under a threat level of Condition of Readiness Yellow Condition. This means island residents should be careful but also continue with their daily routines while preparing for a potential emergency.

Calvo said, "We believe it was the prudent thing to do, even though there's a miniscule chance on Guam I believe its important to be ready."

And in efforts to ensure the island is prepared for any contingency, the Joint Information Center conducted tests of the Emergency Alert System, which went out on island television and radio stations and via text message through select carriers. They report the test was  successful. Taking preparedness one step further the Emergency Operations Center has also stood up an audible alert siren system throughout the island.

A test that everyone is hoping will not become a reality, but in the interim the island's governor believes everyone should be ready just in case. "Even if its one a one and a hundred though and one in a million do we take that chance for that one lucky shot and I'm not prepared as a governor to do that," Calvo said.

There are three color codes of readiness. Green means all is well that things are normal and there is a low risk of any type of situation. Yellow, which we are currently under, means to be careful. The government continues to operate like normal with a few government agencies participating in emergency preparedness and planning.

And finally Red means to stop what you are doing and prepare yourself immediately for the impending emergency.