Guam - There hasn't been much movement in Guam Resource Recovery Partners' lawsuit against the Guam Economic Development Authority. In 2011 the company filed suit in the superior court claiming breach of contract for the government's failure to go back and renegotiate a service contract for a waste-to-energy facility. 

The suit made a demand for $20 million.  That legal challenge could be dropped if the Calvo Administration agrees to return to the negotiating table and approve a new service contract that would also include the Legislature's approval. 

GRRP wants to buy the Layon landfill from the government for $102 million and then pay off a $30 million judgment owed to the landowners of the Dandan property.  The company has retained Attorney Anita Arriola and the parties were ordered to come up with a scheduling order. 

Another hearing is set for May 13.