Guam - Port oversight chair Senator Tom Ada says after further reviewing the attorney general's opinion on the legality of two Port Authority of Guam board members, he agrees with the findings as well as the calculations that were used to determine the staggered terms of the members. "So we're satisfied that the calculations that he did were, in fact, accurate," he stated.

"So now then we know exactly when those seats would expire. In his opinion, he did conclude that one of the seats currently expired in December in 2012."

The law allows for board members to remain on board after their term has expired for an additional 90 days and three legislative calendar days, which means the terms don't expire until June 30. Senator Ada requested the opinion because he believed the terms of board chair Dan Tydingco and Mike Benito had expired. The AG's Office determined otherwise and Tydingco is hoping now that the issue has been cleared up, the Port can move forward.

"If people don't want this board to again continue down this path, insofar in following the law making sure that everything is straight and in order down there are the Port Authority, then so be it," Ada said. "We just want to continue moving forward without any question without any clouds without any issues or anybody trying to think otherwise."

The Civil Service Commission delayed hearing motions filed by seven terminated Port workers because they wanted to first obtain a copy of this legal opinion before addressing the appeals. The seven workers were fired for allegedly conspiring to defraud the government and then trying to cover it up.

The Port board meanwhile is scheduled to meet on Thursday.