Guam - Today's criminal trial setting hearing for Chad Desoto was postponed until next month. Although Desoto along with his attorney, public defender Eric Miller, showed up for the hearing, the prosecutor assigned to the case was not present. Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola then continued the hearing until April 10.

The judge meanwhile indicated she is in receipt of a psychological evaluation that was completed two weeks ago. Details of that evaluation are not public as the defense moved to have the report on Desoto's mental status sealed, or kept private from the public. Desoto has entered a not guilty plea by reason of mental illness, disease or defect to three counts of aggravated murder and eleven counts of attempted aggravated murder.

Last month Desoto went on a rampage in Tumon, driving his car onto the sidewalk hitting six pedestrians and crashing into an ABC Store and then getting out and stabbing eight people. He is being held on $3 million cash bail.