Guam - The Guam Contractors Association will be holding an apprenticeship action clinic this Friday as they try to spread the word about tax credits that are offered by public law for companies that look to increase and train the local workforce. GCA executive director James Martinez says the Guam Registered Apprenticeship Program Law that expires at the end of next year can help local companies.

He explained, "It gives tax credits to companies to hire and train apprentices, so when you hire an apprentice and you train an apprentice you get a 50% of your total costs, including their salaries, their personal protective equipment, the salary of their journeyman shadow overseeing them and other things."

Martinez says last year $1.5 million in tax credits were issued to local companies while the year before that $3 million in tax credits were issued.  He adds the Contractors Association will be asking lawmakers to extend the law for an additional five years in light of the pause in the military buildup. 

For more information about the clinic you can call 647-4841.