Guam - Prevention is key in Senator Michael San Nicolas' book. And that's the main motivation behind his introduction of Bill 65 - The Responsible Board and Commission Education Act. The measure would require members of government boards and commissions to be educated on the laws that apply to their work.

"In our oversight hearing of the Department of Revenue & Taxation, we found some oversights in the work of the boards and some laws that they weren't following and it wasn't because they didn't want to it was because they weren't informed and updated. And so we wanted to make sure we introduced legislation that keeps them updated and informed," he explained.

Errors by members of boards and commissions have resulted in procurement delays and litigation, avoiding these errors in the future means making sure that they are updated and informed. The responsibility of getting that information and education is left to the government agency associated with the board or commission or by the governor. Senator San Nicolas says, "Staying on deadline, out of court, and within the framework of the law is in everyone's interest."