Guam - The Department of Revenue & Taxation is moving forward with the implementation of a public law that allows the agency to partner with local driving school that would lessen the amount of time you would have waited in the past to take a road test for a driver's license.  Candidates for driver's licenses now have an option to take their road test at Rev & Tax's Division of Motor Vehicles or at a certified driving school for a fee.

Agency director John Camacho told KUAM News, "There was a public law that passed that basically wanted to address the waiting time for road test. I believe at that time we were like four to six months waiting time for a lot of theses basically students that are taking the road test."

Since the enactment of the law the waiting time at Rev & Tax to take the road test has gone down to about a month, a wait time that Camacho says is not entirely Rev & Tax's fault but the choice of the public. The law allows Rev & Tax to work with up to five driver education schools to administer road tests to individuals who have completed the Driver's Education Course requirements, and written test.

One of those schools is Guam Public Safety Educators, whose chief examiner, Robert Michael, said, "Anybody that has met the graduated driver's license requirements and they're at the point to take their road exam we do that road exam with them we take care of that."

Driver education schools like GPSE which meets Rev & Tax's qualification requirements are given certification and monitored by Rev & Tax. Rev & Tax anticipates the certification of TLC Driving School and U.B. Safe in a couple of weeks. "this is a great benefit to everybody for Rev & Tax they have valuable resources to doing road exams that they could be using in other areas to give service in other areas," said Camacho.

Although reducing the number of people and expediting the process for those who are waiting to take their road test have it benefits there is a setback, an unregulated fee is charged to people who take their road test outside of Rev & Tax, the charge is determined by the examining school. In addition to Rev & Tax's $10 fee for the driver's license.

Meanwhile, Rev & Tax does not charge any fee for administering the road test. What it all boils down to is time - and how long you are willing to wait.