Guam - It's been over two years since the Guahan Academy Charter School received the green light to open doors as the island's first charter. But as they continue to push their opening date due to a lack of location, other charter school hopefuls surface including Atdao Charter School.

At today's GACSC meeting, member Joseph Cameron addressed potential dilemmas for Atdao's proposed location in Hagatna at the existing Asmuyao Community School.  He said, "At face value, technically speaking, the activities that rand Coffman has currently on the O'Brien Drive are administrative offices. The next question that begs that if that's going to be utilized as a potential school - a charter school facility - it is very clear that the Guam Land Use Commission will have to entertain that and it goes through a process of review and public hearings."

Cameron is also concerned as the area has little space for bussing, pickup and dropoff. Asmuyao director Rand Coffman declined an interview but tells KUAM News he hopes to open Atdao Charter School to give students the ability to graduate, even if it's not in the most traditional setting.