Guam - Police Officer Mario Laxamana pleaded guilty this morning in the Superior Court of Guam. He was among three police officers who were charged in the high profile Blue House Lounge prostitution case. Before Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola this morning, Laxamana pleaded guilty to felonious restraint as a third degree felony and official misconduct as a misdemeanor.  According to the plea agreement, Laxama has agreed to fully cooperate with the Attorney General's Office and law enforcement authorities for interviews and divulging any information he has about the matter. He also plans to testify during the trial. Aside from the other police officers, David Q. Manila and Anthony Quenga, the owner of the brothel Song Ja Cha was charged in the case. The group were charged for their involvement in a scheme to lure young girls from Chuuk to work as prostitutes. Felonious restraint comes with a sentence of 3 to 5 years and a fine of $5,000 while official misconduct comes with a sentence of one year. In court this morning the AG's office agreed to recommend a suspended jail sentence for Laxamana in exchange for his full cooperation.