Guam - Former Democratic Party of Guam election commission board member Chris Carillo was granted his request to be released from jail this afternoon. Carillo appeared in court with his defense attorney Randy Cunliffe asking to be released to four third-party custodians and placed on house arrest.  

The former vice speaker's office staffer has been held behind bars for the last week on $200,000 bail after customs officers found him in possession of a large quantity of marijuana.  Carillo allegedly admitted to purchasing and smoking marijuana regularly. 

Today he was released to the custody of Nancy and Jacob Villanueva, Aaron Cruz, and Uriah Perez and will be residing at their residence in Mangilao.

Judge Alberto Lamorena addressed the custodians, saying, "You understand that you see a violation and you fail to report that you will be held in contempt of court and you will go to jail yourselves?"  

The court also ordered Carillo to have no contact with his roommates, as well as no contact with Zaani Branch and Fernando Santos and to stay away from the Tamuning home where he used to stay.  Carillo allegedly opened a mail package that contained more than 520 grams of marijuana that was addressed to Zaani Branch, who told police he hasn't lived at the home for more than a year and did not know packages were being sent to the address in his name. 

Carillo's next court hearing is scheduled for March 13 at 10 in the morning.