Guam - A Korean national who was caught trying to smuggle close to a half-million dollars worth of crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride into Guam last year has agreed to plead guilty to importation of more than 50 grams of Ice.  Last June Sung Kwon and Jae Chul Shin were arrested after they were found in possession of the drug that was hidden in the false bottom of a golf bag.  

Shin is scheduled to go to trial next week. 

According to the plea agreement, Kwon admits that he made several trips to Guam on behalf of a "Mr. Kim" and one previous trip from the Philippines to Guam was given a suitcase that he delivered to Shin. During the June trip, Kwon alleges that Kim asked him to bring a golf bag to Guam that belonged to Shin. Inside a hidden compartment officers found a hidden compartment containing 407 grams of Ice. He has agreed to testify against Shin, who is scheduled to go to trial on March 12. 

Kwon's sentencing is set for April 15.