Guam - Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. will host a presentation today on the Guam Community-Based Outpatient Care Clinic's Medical Foster Home Program.  "There's a program within the department of veteran's affairs that what it does is sets up medical foster homes for local veterans," he said. The presentation will be conducted by program coordinator Guadencia Palomo-Burnes, the Medical Foster Home Program, which launched in October 2012, seeks to provide a "home-like" environment for those seeking an alternative to nursing home placement. The program partners care-givers in a home with the home based primary care team who provide primary health care to veterans in the home setting.

He said, "The end stage of these veterans who are eligible for these homes are pretty much the ones who are already bed ridden and so it's very important to ensure that our community still gives back and honors them and extends their respect."

According to Senator Rodriguez despite Palomo-Burnes' efforts it has not gained traction with medical foster homes. "They have about seven local veterans ready for placement and so we are assisting them in trying to be able gain awareness in the program and get people involved," he said.

The presentation will take place at the Guam Legislature's Public Hearing Room at 6:00 p.m.