Guam - Following the tragedy in Tumon KUAM News brought you the story of Sid Tinoso, who just got off his shift at work and saw Chad Desoto, chased him, took him down and held him until the police arrived. But there were several other people that were on the scene to help, as well.

G4S Security Solutions gathered Tuesday night at the Nikko Hotel to recognize their staff who played instrumental roles in responding to the tragic events in Tumon.  Managing director Mike Ross said, "What could have been a much more awful day then what it was it is truly honorable, but frankly your actions stopped that from becoming an even more terrible thing."

The ceremony recognized G4S staff who not only helped bring calm during the chaos, but also acknowledged the members of G4S's National Control Center, which communicated the events to fellow staff, management and the Guam Police Department.

Giving recognition where recognition is due, operations director Clarence Heath said, "Tonight we take time to recognize your actions of duty, courage, your teamwork and everything you accomplished that evening your call to action your response and especially your transition and continued service that night."

Eight G4S security officers were recognized for their bravery and rising to the call of duty.

The Guam Legislature recognized Tinoso for his heroics actions, but he asked that the resolution that was presented to him not be filmed. During his exclusive interview with KUAM News after the events, he told us that he wasn't trying to be a hero, "but when you see stuff like that happening you  just act automatically and do what you can."