Guam - Governor Eddie Calvo was amongst several others Governors and Congressional Representatives from the insular areas who attended the 2013 Senior Plenary Session of the Interagency Group on Insular Areas hosted by the Department of the Interior today. The session was co-chaired by White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs David Agnew and Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Hayes. Hayes commented that the annual meeting and its important workshops underscore the collaborative progress we are making to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our people in American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico," . Governor Calvo said the meeting was an opportunity to bring insular area leaders under one roof to discuss important issues such as sequestration. As we reported the White House issued a report on impacts on sequestration to the states this week. Although a report was issued for Puerto Rico, which is not a state, nothing was issued for Guam, CNMI or the Virgin Islands. Local leaders are left waiting to see what the impact will be after sequestration occurs—if  in fact the automatic budget cuts occur, on Saturday Guam time.