Guam - From joggers to soccer players and swimmers, hundreds already use the island's Northern Sports Complex. But the Department of Parks & Recreation can't fully implement their master plan for the area until it evicts residents on the southern side of the property.

"By law there's several laws that confirm and reaffirm it that secure the land as a reservation for recreational purposes designated as the Northern Regional Sports Complex," explained Pete Calvo, the former director of Parks & Rec. He maintains that the agency has full jurisdiction to the property that sits behind the Northern Sports Complex, but Department of Land Management director Monte Mafnas disagrees, as these properties have had extensive leases with his agency.

Mafnas said, "It is my conviction that I stand firm that I honor the leases that were signed and executed by the previous directors. We must protect the farmers a lot of them have been farming since the 60s, so for humanitarian efforts we must protect that interests."

Currently a pool, four baseball fields, a walking trail, a gymnasium, and two open fields as well as 21 plus acres of soccer fields operated under the Guam Football Association saturate the northern side of the complex. But should DPR get access to the south side, would include more open spaces for other sports activities as well as grandiose football and soccer stadiums. Calvo said, "Territorial recreational centers are geared for islandwide participation and hopefully in preparation for international participation as well."

In hopes of protecting the residents whose homes sit behind the Northern Sports Complex, Mafnas is willing to exchange land - what he says is pristine property perfect for parks that extends all the way to the beach. "I have spoken to the director of Parks & Rec and I urged him to consider a lot in Malojojo; its 300 acres and based on meter-for-meter. I'll be ready and able and willing to convey what was taken by the farmers in exchange for that," he said.

In the meantime, both await the opinion from Guam's attorney general.  Calvo noted, "At this point in time its still left basically in that limbo where the AG has consulted with Land Management and Land Trust in regards to that and we haven't yet received an official response."