Guam - Guam's motorsports enthusiasts are hoping to rev up support for a petition they're circulating to show their support for the Guam International Raceway Park in Yigo. An organization has been created called the Community Advocates of the Raceway (CAR). The group brings together motorsports enthusiasts, as well as residents who care for public safety and are against street racing and the like.

CAR was formed after learning through recent scoping meetings that the land where the raceway park is located is still under consideration for a Marines live fire training range. The group is not against the military buildup, but prefers that the Department of Defense look within its existing footprint.

Park owner Henry Simpson told KUAM News, "So we decided to get together as group and say 'there are enough options here for you to stay on your own property, have a good firing range, figure everything you need to do' and it helps us be pro-military, we're very pro-buildup, we want to see it happen, but we want to see it happen in a win-win situation where our quality of life is not degraded because they take away a facility like the racetrack."

CAR is currently circulating petitions to show support for the race park. Members will be at the Micronesia Mall Theater area this Friday and at GPO on Saturday and Sunday. You can also go to the Guam International Raceway Facebook page or go to