Guam - While lawmakers succeeded in passing close to two dozen bills yesterday, one of two measures that failed to go through was the attempted override of vetoed Bill 413, the Election Reform Bill. And while one Republican joined her Democrat colleagues in the override, it still wasn't enough.

"So it's not really over yet," so says Majority Leader Rory Respicio, whose attempt at an override of Bill 413 failed to garner the required ten votes during Monday's legislative session. "And so because we needed ten votes, what I immediately did pursuant to the rules was request for a reconsideration to put the vetoed bill back under motions," he explained.

That means it could go up for another override attempt later. The override failed with a vote of 9-4 with all eight Democrats along with Republican senator Aline Yamashita voting in favor. Had Senator Ben Pangelinan been present, the override may have succeeded. Yamashita says although she had previously voted against the measure when it initially passed earlier this year, she voted differently this time around due to the closeness in votes this past election believing that every voice shall count.

She stated, "I read the veto message and clearly the Governor upheld most of the bill and was concerned about a part about the recount, and when I thought about that I already knew we probably are not going to be able to find these ballots, but one more time felt very concerned about every single vote being counted, every single voice being heard."

She adds it wasn't about being a Republican or Democrat but felt the election reform bill would address many components in ensuring votes are counted and taken into consideration. "And if this is a way to help the Election Commission ensure their business is done as clearly and as reliably as possible then that's what we need to do," she said.

Respicio agrees, saying it's shouldn't be about politics or personality but rather good policy. "And I'm hoping that Governor [Eddie] Calvo just recognized that this is nothing more than wanting to improve our electoral process rather than him making it about himself and that's not what is about," he said.

Respicio adds he will push for the override again next month when Speaker Judi Won Pat calls for session on December 10. The Governor's Office meanwhile has yet to respond to KUAM's request for comments.