Guam - It's a non-profit organization that always responds in times of need-but this very organization is now asking for your help. Since launching its operations on Guam 20 years ago the Salvation Army has been feeding Guam's hungry and homeless, helping recovering drug addicts get back on their feet,  and after every natural disaster since 1992 the Salvation Army is always there ready to serve.

But lately, things have been rough for this non-profit organization. "It seems like our food is a lot less we were expecting some funding in the amount of about $30,000 that we have not received yet or we don't even know that we're going to receive, so if it's the same funding we were expecting this year and we're not receiving it that means that $30,000 worth of canned food and good that we're short on that we have to try to come up with," said Captain Mike Lutcher.

As a matter of fact, with the organization's annual Thanksgiving Luncheon just around the corner, the Salvation Army has seen a major decline in donations. Lutcher, the Guam Salvation Army Corps' officer, is asking for island residents to please help out.

"What we're doing is we're asking the community for certain donations that they may have given last year but may not be able to give this year so the most immediate need for our thanksgiving day meal are bags of rice that we need to cook up for the plates that we're going to be handing out but more important for the rice we're short on turkeys this year, about 20 turkeys and about 20 hams so we're looking for the community to see if they could just reach out and to be able to donate those items," he said.

The annual Thanksgiving Luncheon is primarily for the islands homeless families but is also a gathering for others to enjoy fellowship. It's the 16th year the Salavation Army has put on the luncheon and hopefully if the community comes together it will be a tradition that will continue. Please call 477-9872 to make a donation.