Guam - The 2012 Michelob Ultra Guam National Bodybuilding & Body Fitness Championships and International Invitational over at the Leo Palace Resort. Let's take a look at some footage while I run through the top 3 winners in each respective division. Body Fitness Short Division: 1st place was Joice Tevid, Letitia Shimizu took 2nd, 3rd went to Shalane Chaco. Body Fitness Tall Division Miriam Howard placed first, followed by Sandrine Stewart in 2nd, Rose Munoz took 3rd. National Junior Division winner was Devin Chaco.

Josh Mercado took 2nd, Greg Aguon finished in 3rd. Men's National Bantamweight Division went to Josh Mercado, Justin Pascua placed 2nd, Robinson Chaco took 3rd. Men's National Lightweight Division: 1st place Kevin Leon Guerrero, Devin Chaco 2nd, Jerome Guevara 3rd. Men's National Welterweight: Kenneth Crowson 1st, Richard Aguon 2nd, 3rd went to Ron Cruz. Men's National Middleweight Division: 1st place Mitch Mitchell, Greg Monk 2nd, 3rd Mike Duay.

Men's National Heavyweight Division: Chris Santos 1st, Mike Duay 2nd. Men's International Masters Division: Okumura Takeshi 1st, Tashiro Kei 2nd, 3rd went to Hirota Toshihiko. Men's International Bantamweight Division: 1st Tashiro Kei, 2nd Josh Mercado, 3rd Taninokuchi Shotaro. Men's Lightweight Division: Okumura Takeshi 1st, 2nd Devin Chaco, Kevin Leon Guerrero took 3rd. Men's International Middelweight Division: 1st place Aikawa Koishi 1st, Kondo Kazutaka 2nd, 3rd Kenneth Crowson. Kenneth Crowson was also selected as Mr. Guam voted as men's overall champion.