Guam - One person who has been watching the Decision 2012 recount closely is incumbent senator Adolpho Palacios, who was number 16 when the final votes were tabulated after Super Tuesday.  Palacios learned that in one precinct in Agat, he didn't receive a single vote something that surprised him.

"All I wanted are those whose last names begin with either A, B, C, or D - could you count their votes and give it to me and replace that zero? It's not going to make me number 15, but honor those votes that were casted for me, then those people will feel I'm okay," he said. "I acknowledge the defeat, considering also that those elected are good people. I just want that zero to be replaced by some figure."

Palacios added that he knows it's a long shot that he would get enough votes to make it in the top 15, but he just wanted to ensure that whoever voted for him had their votes counted.