Guam - The Guam Election Commission's legal counsel has been tasked to look into several complaints that were filed from the village of Yona. Allegations were made that people who weren't actually Yona residents were allowed to vote there.  Concerns were also raised that Ken Joe Ada, who won the mayoral race, was not in fact a resident of the village.

Attorney Jeff Cook is researching the complaints and is expected to provide a report to the board when they meet next Monday.

Meanwhile, the board also apologized for misspelling Yigo vice mayoral candidate Ronald Flores' name on the general election ballot. Flores was defeated by republican candidate Anthony Sanchez.

Flores told commissioners on Thursday night that the mishap may have caused confusion and ultimately may have resulted in him losing the race.

He doesn't intend to contest the results and the board apologized for the error calling it an "unfortunate mistake".