Guam - Turning to some bodybuilding news The Guam National Physique Committee is proud to present the Michelob Ultra 2012 Guam National Bodybuilding & Body Fitness Championships and International Invitational November 10, 2012 at the Leo Palace Resort. Over 40 local and military competitors along with 9 Japanese bodybuilders will be coming to compete. GNPC is also proud to present special guest poser, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Hide Yamagishi.

Body fitness competitor Nichole Taimanglo told KUAM Sports, "Last year I competed so this is my second year and with that being said I feel like I achieved a lot more and I feel I look a lot better and I am more prepared to get on stage. Preparation has been ok, it's a lot of meals that you have to prepare ahead of time and when you do prepare your meals ahead of time you have to make sure that your meals are with you at all times.

"The whole part of the working out and exercise process is timing on your dieting and that is how you achieve most of your results because muscles aren't made in the kitchen."