Guam - In the Decision 2012 congressional race, since the first set of results started rolling in it was no looking back for Madeleine "Momma Bear" Bordallo, who roared way past her Republican challenger, Minority Leader Frank Blas, Jr.

Even before the last set of precincts were finished being counted, Senator Blas began closing down his headquarters a little after 3 in the morning. He wasn't conceding, but said he wanted to make sure his supporters got home safely. "Don't lose confidence," he maintained. "I think we ran a very good campaign    and the last vote has yet to be tallied. Again, there's still a lot of other things for us to look forward to so no, don't go putting your head down. It's not over yet - we still have some talking we want to do."

Bordallo said of her competitor, "I wish him well; it was a quite and interesting race. I took the high road it wasn't easy because he did criticize me a great deal, but we're friends. But I always look at it that way - Guam is a small community. I have many friends on both sides of the aisle.  I play a bipartisan race in Washington, DC. I have to we only have one seat."

Congresswoman Bordallo heads back to Washington to serve her sixth term in the House of Representatives.