Guam - Shortly after discovering that Tabulator #2 (the device affectionately called "Larry") was not functioning properly, during its test election it now appears the Guam Election Commission is experiencing problems with Tabulator #1 (aka, "Al"). According to Election Systems & Software technician Jason McDonald, it appears the second device is not tabulating races on the backside of the ballots properly. 

Tabulator #4 (aka, "Fred") and Tabulator #3 ("Francisco") meanwhile are functioning properly.

McDonald says he did not know what the issue was with Al, but he will call ES&S's Nebraska offices to try to resolve the matter. McDonald says although he is not a mechanical technician, he does have a small number of parts in storage that he may use. Although it is not definitive, as it stands it appears only two tabulating machines will be used during Super Tuesday's balloting until problems with Al are resolved.

Larry will not be used due to issues with its tabulation board.

The GEC meanwhile will reconvene Tuesday evening at 9pm.