Guam - Just like in the Decision 2012 Primary Election, the Guam Election Commission will be working with only three tabulating machines, as it appears that Tabulator #2 (or "Larry" as it's affectionately known) isn't functioning properly.  During the GEC's meeting at the University of Guam Field House on Monday evening, Elections Systems & Software technician Jason McDonald reported an issue with Larry's tabulation board and recommended not using the machine.

Before the four tabulating machines were transported from the GEC's Hagatna offices this morning, executive director Maria Pangelinan says all four were working. McDonald, however, stated that the device was able to run ballots, but was giving slight reading errors. He added as the machines were set up at the UOG Field House, errors were becoming more frequent. He said it is tough to speculate the cause behind Larry's malfunction, only stating it's "a regular wear and tear issue" but doesn't believe it was through transport.

McDonald told the GEC that he called technicians from Omaha, Nebraska in hopes of some assistance to get Larry up and running, but nothing could be done in the short amount of time for Super Tuesday.

Tabulator #1 (aka, "Al") was down during the September 1 Primary Election. That device now, coincidentally, according to the GEC is "functioning perfectly".