Guam - He's been on the Chamorro Land Trust Commission board for nearly five years, yet after his term expired earlier this year and he was reappointed by Governor Eddie Calvo, Oscar Calvo has yet to be confirmed. He calls it a personal attack blaming the Committee on Land chairman for the holdup on his confirmation.

"My concern is I want Ben to really come out and be truthful why he doesn't want to confirm me for the longest time he said the committee at whole didn't want me out there, that the vote wasn't there. It's a very simple issue, I'm not running for senator and it's a not a bill, it's just a confirmation hearing, but in reality, I think it's easy to figure out it's because my name," he said.

While Pangelinan told Calvo the entire committee voted against bringing the confirmation to the floor, Calvo maintains the committee report shows four in favor to confirm, one to report out of committee and two against.

Back in August the Legislature confirmed David Matanane as a CLTC board member.