Guam - For the last two decades, Mark Angoco has had murder charges hanging over him. Today he was acquitted by a Superior Court jury who, after less than four days of deliberation, found him not guilty of 1st degree murder and a lesser charge of negligent homicide.  For the last month, Angoco was re-tried for the 1994 murder of Darwin Datuin. 

As the verdict was read aloud in court this afternoon Angoco stood in shock next to his defense attorney, David Lujan. The foreman read, "We the jury find the defendant Mark Bamba Angoco not guilty of the offense of aggravated murder as a 1st degree felony as set forth in the superseding indictment. For the lesser in included offense, negligent homicide as a third degree felony, we the jury find the defendant not guilty of the offense."

Angoco and Lujan declined commenting on the verdict. It's unknown at this time if the prosecution intends to appeal today's verdict.

"We knew this would be a difficult case to prove, largely because it took place so long ago. Despite the time lapse, the Datuin family showed continual strength and support throughout the trial; a big thank you to them ," said AAG Henderson. "The jury was very methodical and requested playback of witness testimony and asked for stipulations to be re-read to them; they were very attentive," he continued. "I'd like to express my gratitude for the attention the jury paid to this case," said Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas.