Guam - The owner of the Verona Resort is working to obtain the necessary permits needed to legally operate.  Department of Public Works deputy director Carl Dominguez says the agency is reviewing certified drawings to show areas of renovation that were previously deemed unsatisfactory. "So now they're going through this process, the normal building permit process, and I intend to call them in a day or two and follow-up with them no later than a week from Friday on how the process is proceeding, and I want them to due diligence."

Domiguez says it will be up to Verona to contact the respective regulatory agencies to do their own inspections.  DPW will then conduct a final inspection for the purposes of issuing an occupancy certificate. As we reported the former Sherwood Hotel re-opened under a new name using an old occupancy permit but did not obtain the necessary approvals before opening under Verona Resorts.