Guam - A concerned constituent from a central village alerted KUAM News about a possible Mini Hatch Act violation. The caller stated Yona mayor Pedo Terlaje, who is up for reelection, was using his staff and government vehicles to prepare for a campaign rally in his village on Friday evening. We caught up with the mayor today who confirms they are setting up for a community event to allow his residents to meet the candidates. He disputes that he's made any violations.

"We are having the rally tonight for the man'amko and residents of Yona to join us for my campaign," he said. KUAM asked if he thought there was an issue with him using government resources," to which the mayor replied, "Is there any other mayor who doesn't use government resources when they are going to have a rally from the people?"

"The people that are working here that are working for me in my office are on leave time, and that's all," Terlaje added. "Never mind about the vehicle, you go ahead and take the pictures - don't ask me about those things."

The mayor believes the complaint came from his opponent Ken Joe Ada, or one of Ada's supporters. The Attorney General's Office is currently researching the issue.

Meantime, the meet the candidates rally in underway in Yona this evening and will continue until about 10pm.