Guam - While the Calvo Administration and the Guam Legislature have differing opinions on how to cut costs in the government, they can agree on one thing: not implementing "Furlough Fridays". The proposal was one of three alternatives presented by the Government of Guam Retirement Fund as a means to save the government millions of dollars.

The governor on Tuesday said he would not support any furloughs which he said were akin to a 32-hour workweek.

Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz, in an address, said the Legislature agrees that furloughs hurt too many people and just won't work given the challenges the government faces. Cruz asks the governor to commit to working together to come up with solutions that will not result in costly litigation.

"I asked each of you to work together because-no one-not the Retirement Fund, the Legislature, your administration, the tax payers, or government employees would benefit from a failed General Fund, a Retirement Fund in collapse, or costly litigation between the Fund and your administration," he said.

The Retirement Fund had suggested that it might be compelled to pursue a lawsuit if the government moved forward with the Administration's proposal for an early retirement program.