Guam - Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio has asked the chief of police to revisit the investigation into members of the force who frequented the former Blue House Lounge. The police chief said there was no cover-up and no officer had been charged with any crime related to the Blue House Lounge case, despite testimony from former workers and Police Officer David Q. Manila, who admitted to paying for sex with one of the workers. 

The lieutenant governor says the community's confidence in the members of the force must be protected. He's calling on the chief to appoint a senior member of the force to be given full autonomy to ensure the investigation was done properly. "I want them to look this over, do a revisit of the investigation, make sure Ts were crossed and Is were dotted, and if there were any leads that were not pursued, why," said Tenorio. "If there was a legitimate reason for it, then the officers investigation, whether internal affairs or CID."

Blue House Lounge owner Song Ja Cha was convicted of bringing young Chuukese workers to Guam and forcing them to work at the lounge and perform sexual acts on customers.  She is currently appealing her conviction and life sentence and faces a trial on local charges next month.